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In recent years, polymers those are derived from plant origin have evoked tremendous interest because of their diverse pharmaceutical applications such as diluents, binder, disintegrant in tablets, thickeners in oral liquids, protective colloids in suspensions, gelling agents in gels, and bases in suppository.

Due to advances in drug delivery technology, currently, excipients are included in novel dosage forms to fulfil specific functions and in some cases they directly or indirectly influence the extent and/or rate of drug release and drug absorption. Recent trends towards use of plant based and natural products demand the replacement of synthetic additives with natural ones.

Today, the whole world is increasingly interested in natural drugs and excipients. These natural materials have many advantages over synthetic ones as they are chemically inert, nontoxic, less expensive, biodegradable, and widely available.

Damar {{Gum Damar Suppliers}} and mucilages are interesting polymer for the preparation of pharmaceutical formulations, because of their high water-swellability, non-toxicity, low cost and free availability. Gums and mucilages are polysaccharides or complex carbohydrate containing one or more monosaccharides or their derivatives linked in bewildering variety of linkages and structures.

Damar gum and mucilages find applications in tablet formulation as binders because of their adhesive nature. They impart cohesiveness to the powder mass and convert them into granules, which are further compressed into tablets.

They can also be used as disintegrates in tablets. Different mucilages have been used as binding agent in pharmaceutical formulations. Mucilage has good binding properties as compared to many synthetic compounds. Among various dosage forms, matrix tablets are widely accepted for oral sustained release as they are simple and easy to formulate.

Matrix system is the specific type of release system, which prolongs and controls the release of drug that is dissolved or dispersed. Making drug-embedded matrix tablets through the direct compression of a blend of drug, retardant material and additives is one of the simplest formulation approaches.

The inclusion of polymeric materials in a matrix system is a common method of modulating drug release. Various natural gums and mucilages have been examined as polymer for sustained release formulations. The use of natural polymers and their semi-synthetic derivative in drug delivery continues to be an area of active research.

FT-IR and DSC studies revealed that there was no chemical interaction between drug and polymer. An attempt was made successfully to prepare sustained released matrix tablets of Metoprolol Succinate using natural polymer i.e. Damar gum, the release retarding material and dicalcium phosphate and microcrystaline cellulose as diluents.

The presence of Damar gum and dicalcium phosphate in the matrix will modulate the drug release to an acceptable harmacokinetic profile. The main role of Damar gum was to sustain the drug release for longer time due to its strong binding property as well as hydrophobicity.

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