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Damar Gum Meaning

Damar {{Gum Damar Suppliers}}, also known as dammar gum / damar resin, is a resin obtained from trees belonging to the Dipterocarpaceae family, particularly from species in the genera Shorea Javanica, this tree can be found in Indonesia.

Damar resin has been traditionally used for various purposes, including as a binder in making damar incense, as a varnish in painting, and in the food industry as a glazing agent for confectionery. It is known for its transparent and glass-like properties when melted, making it suitable for certain artistic and industrial applications.

In the context of art and crafts, damar gum is often mixed with beeswax and other resins to create encaustic paint, a type of painting that involves using hot wax as a medium. Additionally, damar varnish, made by dissolving damar gum in a solvent, is used as a final protective coating for oil paintings.

In the food industry, damar gum is used as a glazing agent for fruits, candies, and other confectionery items. It helps to give a shiny appearance to the products and serves as a protective coating.

The word “damar” itself is derived from the Malay word “damar,” which means resin.

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