What is Gum Benzoin? What are the types and differences?

Gum Benzoin

Gum Benjamin, also known as {{Gum Damar Suppliers}} Benzoin, Lobans or Frankincense, is a type of incense product widely used in religious and cultural practices. Additionally, burning Gum Benjamin is said to help increase positive emotions in individuals. Gum Benjamin is an incense made from a combination and processing of gum resin and other ingredients, especially gum benzoin. It produces a pleasant odor when burned. It is used to make incense and other 

Differences and types of Gum Benzoin

Siam Benzoin (Thailand)

Siam benzoin, or Siamese benzoin, is extracted from the styrax tonkinesis tree, which grows in South east Asia, particularly in Thailand. It tends to have a sweet, warm, and slightly vanilla 0 like aroma.

Sumatra Benzoin

Produced on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia. It is often more aromatic and sometimes considered to have higher quality compared to other varieties. It has a strong, warm, and sweet aroma.

White Siam Benzoin

This is a form of Siam benzoin that has been further purified to produce white crystals or white powder. It is purer and often used in the parmaceutical and parfume industries.

The main differences between these types lie in their plant sources, extraction processes, and aromatic characteristics. Additionally, quality, purity, and intensity of aroma can also vary depending on plant conditions, extraction techniques, and filtration used in the production of gum benzoin

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