Indonesia is the Second Largest Gum Importer in the World

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Rubber, known for its elastic qualities, is a commodity used in many products and equipment throughout the world (from industrial to household products). There are two types of rubber that are widely known, namely natural rubber and synthetic rubber. Natural rubber is made from latex (latex) of rubber trees, while synthetic types are made from crude oil. These two types can replace each other, thereby influencing the demand for each commodity; When crude oil prices rise, demand for natural rubber will increase.


 But when interference with natural rubber supply makes the price rise, the market tends to turn to synthetic rubber. This section discusses the Indonesian natural rubber sector. Indonesia is one of the largest natural rubber producers and exporters in the world. (

The Top 3 Supplier Countries for Gum Damar

The Top 3 Supplier Countries for Gum Damar Are Indonesia and China. The Top 3 Buyer Countries for Gum Damar Are India, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia. The Top 3 Importing Countries for {{Gum Damar Suppliers}} Damar Are India, China, Vietnam. The Top 3 Exporting Countries for Gum Damar Are Indonesia, Taiwan, South Korea. (The Tride Vision)

second largest rubber manufacturer in the world

As the second largest rubber manufacturer in the world, the number of Indonesian rubber supply is important for the global market. Since the 1980s, the Indonesian rubber industry has experienced stable production growth. Most of the products of this country’s rubber production – about 80 percent – produced by small

farmers. Therefore, government and private plantations have a small role in the domestic rubber industry. In 2014 Indonesia became the largest natural rubber producer country of 3,200,000 tons.

About Indonesia’s Rubber

About 85 percent of Indonesia’s rubber production is exported abroad. Nearly half of the exported rubber was sent to other Asian countries, followed by North America and Europe. The five countries that import the most rubber from Indonesia are the United States (which consume nearly 22 percent of Indonesia’s total exports), the People’s Republic of China (PRC), Japan, Singapore, and Brazil.

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